Manor Garden Sheds

A beautiful, fully-customized Manor shed from Classic Garden Structures is an attention-grabbing garden shed that does more than just de-clutter your garden. It can create a comfortable workspace, provide a backdrop for prized plants or deliver a destination where you can relax and entertain friends.

The Manor design is based on a steep-pitched roof, with a 10 x 12 pitch, adding height to the interior and helping to shed snow loads more effectively. The Manor is made to order and comes in floor plan sizes from 96 sq. ft. to nearly 300 sq. ft. The Manor features a 7′ 4″ wall height and a spacious interior. In fact, the Manor is spacious enough to accommodate overhead loft space for extra storage.

Some of the uses our customers have found for their Manor garden sheds include:

  • Garden Workspace
  • Equipment Storage
  • Tool Shed
  • Craft Shop
  • And Much More!

Classic Garden Structures originated the innovative technique of pre-building these taller structures to allow for over-the-road transport. We build them with four sections, including two gable ends and two roof sections. These sections are attached with hinges that allow the structure to fold down during transit to clear overhead limitations.

Once at the final site, the folded roof sections are raised and secured. The result is easy transit of larger structures, with the easiest and quickest possible assembly. All other options come fully installed, minimizing the time it takes to install your shed. We may use state-of-the-art tools to design your Manor, but we use time-tested Lancaster County experience to build it.


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