Most people don’t think twice about a shed floor. That’s why we do. If you’ve ever walked on a shed floor that sags where you step, you understand the importance of having a strong and sturdy floor.

We use 5/8″ exterior grade plywood or 3/4″ tongue and groove, secured to premium-grade pressure treated joists no farther apart than 16″ on center. The result is a sturdy, solid floor that can handle equipment like heavy mowers, ATVs, workbenches and other items of significant weight. As an option, we can use pressure treated plywood to add durability as well.

We can install an optional foil insulation that also serves as a vapor barrier on the floor if you plan to put a special material on your floor, such as laminated flooring, vinyl or other material of your choice. The vapor barrier helps flooring systems last a very long time by protecting them from moisture penetration from below. We also can insulate our floors with 2″ styrofoam insulation for a greater R-value.


Composite Decking

Long-lasting, durable composite decking is available, however colors and styles are constantly changing based on the flooring manufacturers inventory. If you’re interested in composite decking, please contact us to learn what colors are available currently.



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