We can install a loft in any Classic Garden Structure. Please keep in mind that lofts are typically installed at the top of the wall, and that the wall heights vary by model.

  • Patriot – Interior Wall Height of 6’4″
  • Classic – Interior Wall Height of 6’4″
  • Manor – Interior Wall Height of 7’4″
  • Elite – Interior Wall Height of 7’9″

A loft is basically a flat surface just above head level for additional storage. Most have a smooth edge, which allows easier sliding of items on and off. Or we can add an edge, or raised lip, to help prevent items from sliding or rolling off the loft surface. Your choice.

Based on what you want to store, you will need the appropriate means of access. We can build a simple ladder for you, if you like. Many people simply use a stepladder, step stool, or another appropriately sturdy stool for access to the loft storage area.

However you choose to access your storage loft, we urge you to use caution to avoid falls or injuries when stretching and lifting in ways that represent different kinds of body stresses than you may be accustomed to. Just please be careful.


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